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Drones crowding Ukrainian skies paralyse hostilities – WP

Sunday, 14 April 2024, 12:11
Drones crowding Ukrainian skies paralyse hostilities – WP
Stock photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

As the skies above the war zone in Ukraine are patrolled by countless drones hunting for any sign of movement, Ukrainian and Russian forces have little to no way to move across the battlefield without being spotted and killed.

Source: Washington Post

Details: The Ukrainian military noted that the growing number of small drones in Ukraine has turned the area on both sides of the line of contact, commonly referred to as the grey zone, into a "death zone". This means that those who dare to move day or night under the watchful eye of adversary drones are immediately killed.


Journalists reported that the cheap drones deployed in Ukraine have transformed modern warfare, and initially gave Ukrainian forces an advantage on the battlefield.

However, the Russians swiftly caught on and commenced large-scale production of their own drones.

Experts term the current stage of the war the "blitzkrieg drone warfare", and admit that it is a stalemate, as if any person is out in the open, they are immediately hunted.

Quote: "But the saturation of drones, many with thermal cameras that work at night, has also shrunk the space where troops can move safely without being spotted — leading to high casualties and, in recent months, largely preventing either side from making major breakthroughs."

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