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Ukrainian equivalent of Russian Lancet drone shown to Zelenskyy – photo

Monday, 15 April 2024, 12:53
Ukrainian equivalent of Russian Lancet drone shown to Zelenskyy – photo
Photo: Andrii Yermak’s Telegram

On 13 April, Ukraine’s Defence Industry Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy examined a Ukrainian analogue of the Russian Lancet UAV which can destroy static and moving targets and carry a 3 kg warhead.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda correspondent; Militarnyi web portal 

Details: On 13 April, Zelenskyy was shown a new model of loitering munition that can strike targets at a distance of more than 100 km.


The drone, the name of which is still being kept secret, is already being used on the front line against the Russians and has already destroyed a Russian anti-aircraft missile system.

The UAV has an electric engine and is launched from a catapult. Its X-shaped fuselage provides it with high manoeuvrability and the ability to hit static and moving targets along different trajectories. In particular, it is capable of entering a target at an angle of 90 degrees.

The drone can carry a warhead weighing up to 3 kg.

Photo: Andrii Yermak’s Telegram

The new device's maximum speed does not exceed 180 km/h, so its main targets will be objects moving slower than 130 km/h, similar to how Russian Orlan-10, Zala and Lancet drones work. Theoretically, it could also target helicopters that are hovering or flying on a collision course.

The loitering munition is paired with a repeater drone which performs the tasks of finding the target, tracking it while waiting for the attack drone, and monitoring the effects of the strike.

Thanks to the repeater, the loitering munition can operate over long distances while enjoying stable communication.

All drones of this system are equipped with highly reliable encrypted communication modules (AES256 standard), which enables them to operate even under conditions of active suppression by electronic warfare systems.

Another innovation is the integration of a machine vision system that is capable of locking on the target and automatic targeting.

The unmanned system is currently at the fine-tuning stage and is being tested for constant use in the combat zone.

The cost of one such drone has not been disclosed, but the developers said that it is commensurate with the cost of most Ukrainian tactical drones.

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