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Pentagon chief says Ukraine aid package contributes to US security

Sunday, 21 April 2024, 05:16
Pentagon chief says Ukraine aid package contributes to US security
Lloyd Austin. Stock photo: Getty Images

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has welcomed the House of Representatives' adoption of a package of bills containing aid for Ukraine, saying it makes "America more secure".

Source: Pentagon website, citing Austin

Quote: "I welcome the passage of the critical national security supplemental, which will help the Department of Defense support Ukraine and Israel, bolster security in the Indo-Pacific, and stand firm with our Allies and partners around the world."


"This legislation will make America more secure and save lives."

Details: Austin noted that this legislation is a significant investment in America's future, as it directs about US$50 billion to the US defence industry, creates jobs in more than 30 US states, and bolsters its long-term security.

Quote: "We have seen yet again that the troubles of our times will only worsen without strong, steady U.S. leadership to advance our core security interests.

The world is still watching.

Lives are still on the line. America's long-term security is still at stake.

We must never give our friends, our rivals, or our foes any reason to doubt America's resolve."

Background: The US House of Representatives approved a bill to provide about US$61 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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