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Scholz hopes for quick decision by US Senate on aid to Ukraine

Monday, 22 April 2024, 09:49
Scholz hopes for quick decision by US Senate on aid to Ukraine
Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Stock photo: Getty Images

Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz is hoping that the US Senate will quickly make a decision on aid to Ukraine after the House of Representatives approved the corresponding bill on Saturday.

Source: DW with reference to Scholz’s statement, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Scholz called it "good news" that the House of Representatives approved the allocation of billion-dollar aid to Ukraine. 


Quote: "We very much hope that there will soon be a decision by the Senate so that this aid from the US is secured for the future." 

Scholz stated that together with the support provided to Ukraine by Europe, this sends a "very clear message" to the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. 

He is convinced that Putin cannot count on being able to wait it out because support for Ukraine might be waning. 

"It won't, we can hope for that now, and in that respect this is good news," Scholz added.


  • On Saturday 21 April, the US House of Representatives approved a vital bill to provide Ukraine with military aid. 311 members of the lower house of US Congress voted in favour of the bill, while 112 voted against it.
  • The bill was promised to be submitted to the Senate as an amendment to the Senate bill on foreign aid, HR.815, which was passed in February. This should simplify the procedure for approving the package in the Senate.
  • US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that US senators will come out of recess to vote on aid to Ukraine on Tuesday 23 April.
  • US President Joe Biden has promised to sign the approved aid bill.
  • It was reported that the Pentagon would deliver some of the weapons to Ukrainian forces in less than a week after all the procedures for adopting the relevant legislation are completed.

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