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Russia strikes infrastructure facility near Dnipro, causing fire

Saturday, 27 April 2024, 12:30
Russia strikes infrastructure facility near Dnipro, causing fire
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An explosion was heard in Dnipro on the morning of 27 April; the Russians struck a target near the city.

Source: Suspilne, Ukraine's public broadcaster; Oleksandr Vilkul, the Head of Kryvyi Rih City Defence Council, on Telegram; Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration

Details: The media and social media reported explosions in Dnipro. 


Prior to this, the Air Force warned of a missile flight towards Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast.

Vilkul has already reacted to the explosion near Dnipro. An air-raid warning has been issued in Ukraine's southern and eastern regions.

Quote from Vilkul: "As for the explosion that was heard… No details, but everything is okay."

Update: Later, the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration announced that the Russians struck an infrastructure facility in Dniprovskyi district. 

A fire broke out there. Currently, there are no further details.

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