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Russian missiles hit Dnipro, fire breaks out

Explosions rock Dnipro overnight

Russians attack Dnipro City residential districts, damaging 10 private houses and several cars – photo

Attack on Dnipro with missiles and Shahed drones: four people injured, residential buildings and cars damaged

Russians launch missile attacks on city of Dnipro

Death toll from Russian attack on Dnipro rises to two, woman's body found

Man's body retrieved from rubble of house in Dnipro hit by drone – photo

Rubble being cleared in Dnipro: Drones hit high-rise building and enterprise – photo

Drone hits high-rise building in Dnipro causing casualties, people still under rubble – photo

Explosions ring out in Dnipro and Kherson

Dnipro evacuates hospital and closes schools after nighttime Russian attack

Fires rage after several Shahed drones strike Dnipro – photo

Explosions rock Mykolaiv and Dnipro suburbs

Russian cruise missile shot down over Dnipro

Ukrainian air defences destroy Russian Kh-59 missile over Dnipro district

Russian missile downed near Dnipro

Explosion rocks Dnipro, missile destroyed

Ukraine's Air Force shoots down Kh-59 missile near Dnipro

There are strikes in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast; over 20 houses damaged in Sumy Oblast – photo

Explosions rock Dnipro

Missile debris shot down near Dnipro destroy 1 building and damage 16 others – photo

Ukrainian defenders shoot down missile targeting Dnipro district

Shahed UAV hits a residential building in Dnipro – photo

Explosions heard in Dnipro after air-raid alert: Air defence downs missile

Explosions rock Odesa and Dnipro

Air defence forces down Russian missile near Dnipro

Russian attack on Dnipro results in casualties among civilians

Russia launches massive attack: explosions ring out in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities, at least 9 people killed

Missile destroyed over Dnipro district

Russians fire missiles near Dnipro