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Nine people suspected of working for Russia detained in Poland

Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 01:19
Nine people suspected of working for Russia detained in Poland
Donald Tusk. Photo: Getty Images

Polish security services have arrested nine people who committed acts of sabotage within the country on the orders of Russian secret services.

Source: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a broadcast by Polish news channel TVN24 

Quote from Tusk: "We have now arrested nine suspects who have been charged with direct involvement in acts of sabotage in Poland ordered by Russian secret services. These include beatings, arson and attempted arson."


Details: He stressed that the case is "very serious." Tusk noted that this concerned several European countries, including Poland, Latvia and Estonia, and similar indications had also been observed in Sweden.

Tusk said that Poland was working closely with its allies and neighbouring countries in this matter and was satisfied with the effective work of the security services.

Tusk also said that he would announce the details of a commission to investigate Russian influence on Polish politics in recent years during a government meeting on Tuesday. He added that the commission would not be public but would work intensively behind closed doors.



  • In August 2023, the Internal Security Agency detained a suspect in Poland who was part of a spy network working for Russia.
  • On 16 March 2023, Mariusz Kamiński, former Minister of the Interior and Administration and Coordinator of the Secret Services of Poland, announced that the Internal Security Agency had dismantled a spy network operating for Russia. Nine people were detained as part of the operation.
  • Later in March, further detentions of spies exposed by this network took place in Poland. In particular, on 30 June, a Russian hockey player was detained in Poland on suspicion of espionage.

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