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Ukrainian defenders foil Russian plans near Borova, Kharkiv Oblast, and inflict losses

Friday, 21 June 2024, 17:40
Ukrainian defenders foil Russian plans near Borova, Kharkiv Oblast, and inflict losses
The settlement of Borova on the map. Screenshot: DeepState Map

Ukrainian defenders have inflicted heavy losses on Russian forces in Kharkiv Oblast and foiled their plans to capture the settlement of Borova (Kharkiv Oblast).

Source: Andrii Yusov, representative of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU), during the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: "As for Borova and the area, Ukrainian defenders have thwarted the enemy's intentions there, and their [Russian] losses in military personnel and equipment are significant.


Yes, they [the Russians] are trying to pull up reserves, and the potential threat remains, but there is currently no indication of them assembling new significant forces to replicate the previous situation. But the potential threat remains."

Details: Yusov reported that Ukrainian forces thwarted Russia's plans and intentions in the north of Kharkiv Oblast, forcing them to redeploy reserves, including from other areas that are very sensitive to the Russians: "This indicates heavy losses and that the situation is definitely not going according to plan for them."

The DIU representative added that the situation on Ukraine's northern border remains just as tense and dangerous: "The enemy will continue to try to stretch Ukrainian reserves and distract us, including from the situation in the east."



  • Ukraine's 3rd Separate Assault Brigade confirmed that the Russians had intensified their efforts in Luhansk Oblast and were trying to capture the settlements of Cherneshchyna and Pershotravneve, with the subsequent capture of Borova. The 3rd and 144th Divisions of the 20th Army of the Russian Federation are fighting against Ukrainian forces in the area.
  • On 18 June, DeepState analysts reported that the Russians had amassed up to 10,000 troops and 450 pieces of military equipment in the area between Raihorodka to Novovodiane, which is about 20 km from the village of Borova, Kharkiv Oblast.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the village of Borova in Izium district, Kharkiv Oblast, as well as part of the namesake hromada in early October 2022.

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