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Luhansk Oblast

Russians want to fully capture Luhansk Oblast before Putin's sham elections – Ukraine's intelligence

Head of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence: Russia does not have the strength to capture Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts this year

Russian pilot flies his damaged warplane towards village in Luhansk Oblast – video

Former head of Luhansk Oblast is appointed head of Mukachevo District Administration

Russians intensify attacks on Marinka front, 100 combat clashes occur – General Staff report

Russians attack liberated Bilohorivka with support of aircraft

So-called "minister" of occupied Luhansk and two "MPs" killed in Lysychansk bakery attack, Russia claims – photo

Russian occupying authorities claim 20 fatalities in "Ukrainian" attack on bakery in occupied Lysychansk – photo, video

Russians intensify attacks on Marinka front, Ukraine's forces repel 25 attacks – General Staff report

Russians become more active on Marinka front – General Staff

Russians intensify attacks on Lyman and Avdiivka fronts where Ukrainian defenders repel 63 attacks – General Staff

Russians are most active on Lyman and Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russians drop aerial bomb over occupied Rubizhne

Russians concentrate attacks on Kupiansk front

Multiple Luhansk Oblast settlements have had no power for 3 weeks

Whole families of Yakuts and Buryats are brought to Luhansk Oblast "to do repairs"

Owners of provider company which broadcasts Russian propaganda detained in Kyiv

ISW notes Russian advance near Avdiivka and Kreminna

12-year-old girl from Luhansk Oblast dies after "health trip" to Siberia

Russian attacks near Makiivka repelled, almost no locals left in Pryvillia

Former Wagner mercenaries spotted at Lyman-Kupiansk contact line

Ukraine's Armed Forces repel Russian attacks on 7 fronts − General Staff

Total of 87 combat clashes have taken place over past day – General Staff

Ukraine's Defence Forces repel over 25 Russian attacks near Marinka and Novomykhailivka – General Staff

Russia carries out intense attacks on 5 fronts – General Staff

Russians attack near Klishchiivka, Andriivka and Avdiivka without success – General Staff report

Russians unsuccessfully try to attack on 6 fronts – General Staff

Russia grants occupied lands in Luhansk Oblast to its subject Tatarstan

Russians attack on 7 fronts, 78 combat clashes over past day – General Staff report

Russians bring FSB psychologists to Ukrainian occupied territory