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Armed Forces of Ukraine list three eastern fronts that suffer most Russian assaults

Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 17:15
Armed Forces of Ukraine list three eastern fronts that suffer most Russian assaults
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Russians are the most active on the Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and Pokrovsk fronts.

Source: Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesperson for the Khortytsia Operational Strategic Group, on the national joint 24/7 newscast

Details: Voloshyn noted that the Russians are trying to advance deep into Ukrainian territory but Ukrainian forces stop these attempts.


Quote: "On some fronts the enemy has had partial success, on others the Defence Forces of Ukraine push them back and improve their tactical positions."

Details: Voloshyn added that over the past day the number of combat clashes in the east of Ukraine has increased: if 140 combat clashes occurred the day before, yesterday as many as 160 were documented.

Heavy fighting is ongoing in the city of Vovchansk in the north of Kharkiv Oblast. Ukrainian forces control the situation in the city and carry out mop-up operations, searching for Russian assault groups in an urban setting.

Moreover, Voloshyn notes that the Russians are trying to gain a foothold in some settlement near the northern border of Kharkiv Oblast and Russia in order to conduct the offensive from there.

The Ukrainian military leadership has planned the measures of dealing with the entirety of the Russian troops trying to break through Ukrainian defences in the east and of disrupting the Russian offensive.

Background: Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief, said that the situation with the Russian invasion in Kharkiv Oblast had stabilised. Defence Forces will be pushing the Russians out of the territory, and there is currently no escalation observed in Sumy Oblast.


  • On 10 May, it was reported that Russian forces had intensified their activities in Kharkiv Oblast, with fighting taking place there.
  • During a briefing with Slovakian President Zuzana Čaputová, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy confirmed that Russian troops had launched a new wave of offensive operations on the Kharkiv front.
  • Ukraine's Defence Ministry reported that reserve units had been sent to the north of Kharkiv Oblast.
  • The Russians seized a number of settlements in Kharkiv Oblast.
  • The Khortytsia Operational Strategic Group reports that the grey zone in Kharkiv Oblast is not expanding, and Ukrainian forces are not letting the Russians advance deeper into the oblast.

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