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Russia completely withdraws from Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty

War in Europe is possible – German Defence Minister

Slovakia's PM says to EU that his country concerned about corruption in Ukraine – Politico

European Commission President compares Russia to Hamas

EU companies help Kremlin implement strategic Arctic project

Ukraine invited as observer to Joint Expeditionary Force training

Israel's actions in Gaza and Russia's actions in Ukraine should not be compared – European Commission

If Ukraine loses, it will be end of Europe – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Antonov joins European Association of Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries

Council of Europe condemns Russian strike on Ukrainian village Hroza

European Commission to unfreeze billions of euros for Hungary in bid to support Ukraine – FT

Another EU country to close border for cars with Russian registration plates

Ukraine does not need "second class" EU membership – Ukraine's PM

EU to discuss possible expansion from 27 to 36 countries

Putin's spokesperson claims "Russia is a European value"

European Council President calls on China to convince Russia to stop war

Rosatom turns Europe's largest NPP into a torture chamber – investigation

Council of Europe defines principles for Russia to be punished and compensate for losses

EU to finance creation of office of international Register of Damage to Ukraine in The Hague

Council of Europe reacts to Russian sham "elections" in Ukraine

EU court lifts sanctions from Russian businessman for first time

European institutions buildings lit up in blue and yellow to mark Ukraine's Independence Day

EU disbursed another 1.5 billion euro of macrofinancial assistance to Ukraine

Polish defence holding company becomes leader in European ammunition market

EU plans to bolster land export of Ukrainian grain after Russia abandons Black Sea Grain Initiative

Zelenskyy: When Ukraine's air defence becomes strong enough, we will protect the whole Europe

US and Nordic leaders pledge to keep supporting Ukraine

Ukraine and G7 define parameters of security guarantees but have not yet signed agreements

Ukraine can protect Europe, so it’s time to give it weapons − Zelenskyy

Ukraine is a key element of Europe's defence, it waits for NATO to find courage to recognise this – Zelenskyy