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EU takes step towards Ukraine's accession to EU roaming zone

Ban on Ukraine's agricultural imports complicates continuation of duty-free trade with EU

Le Pen says Russia's victory in war would be disaster, Ukraine's victory would mean Third World War

Another soldier from Georgia killed in Ukraine: number of fallen Georgians exceeds 40

Georgian president to Ukrainians: you are fighting for our freedom and European future

Council of Europe Secretary General and German Vice Chancellor visit liberated Chernihiv Oblast

We have several important defence decisions today – Zelenskyy

Borrell clarifies details of EU's "historic decision" on ammunition purchase for Ukraine

EU to sign agreement on purchasing 155mm ammunition for Ukraine on Monday – Reuters

Zelenskyy denies Ukraine's involvement in Nord Stream explosions

USA transfers "judgement day aircraft" to Europe

EU have not yet found €300 billion worth of assets of Russian Central Bank that must be used for Ukraine's benefit

Most Europeans believe in Ukraine's victory in war

Russian spy network operates actively in Europe

Munich Security Conference Head opposes restrictions on aid to Ukraine

EU officially invites Zelenskyy to Summit in Brussels

European managers help Putin's friends to circumvent sanctions

European Commission does not comment on Zelenskyy's possible visit to Brussels

"Tanke schön": European leaders and diplomats comment on Germany's historic decision

Ukraine’s Ambassador on Hungary's new veto: EU has red lines that cannot be crossed

Tallinn Pledge: 9 European countries promise unprecedented military aid to Ukraine

President of European Council heads to Kyiv

European Parliament called on Germany to hand over Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Putin approves Russia's withdrawal from Council of Europe agreements

Ukraine will not become a member of the EU as long as Russian troops are on its territory – EC Vice-President

Ukraine-EU summit to be held in Kyiv

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister: Time of arms taboo is over, there will be more good news

Russia starts withdrawal process from Council of Europe treaties

Zelenskyy asks Northern Europe for more weapons

Zelenskyy lists six things that Europe can do to ease winter in Ukraine