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Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: History will cure Europe’s desire to let Putin save his face

On Russian TV, European countries are threatened with a nuclear strike for assisting Ukraine

The European Commission has confirmed von der Leyen and Borrell's visit to Kyiv

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba denies rumours of pressure from some partners to make concessions in the talks

Putin signs decree on paying for gas in rubles, except there is a "but"

Energy Minister explained why Ukraine continues transit of Russian gas

Russia did not wait to be kicked out of the Council of Europe and is withdrawing of its own accord

Ode to Joy. How Europe and the World are passing the Ukrainian test 

Nations who are stronger than their leaders are losing

Putin wants to tear apart Europe, just like he does Ukraine – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy does not understand what else Ukraine needs for EU membership

Ukrainians in the EU urged to hold large-scale rallies demanding Ukraine's expedited accession

Dmytro Kuleba, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on Ukrainians in the European Union to mobilise for next week's large-scale actions in support of Ukraine's rapid accession to the EU.

Zelenskyy to Europeans: “Don’t stay silent. If Ukraine falls, Europe falls.”

Ukraine to receive aid totalling USD 15 billion

Ukraine will receive a total of USD 15 billion in aid from international organisations and partner countries.

Hungary supports Ukraine's accelerated accession to EU

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called for Ukraine's accelerated accession to the European Union.

Zelenskyy to address the European Parliament on Ukraine joining the EU

President Zelenskyy will appeal to the European Parliament on Tuesday 1 March with regard to Ukraine joining the EU.

This was announced by the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

Europe turns off Russian TV channels and broadcasts Ukraine’s instead

International and local providers are turning off Russian news channels. Meanwhile, they started to broadcast Ukraine’s “United News” marathon [Ukraine’s major news channels have joined efforts to broadcast news continuously around the clock].

Brussel agreed to special connection of Ukraine to the EU energy system

The European Commission and the association of the European electric power grids has agreed to commence the process of emergency connection of Ukraine to the single electricity grid of the EU, and expect that the process will take a few weeks. Kadri Simson, the European commissioner on energy, quoted by Interfax Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: When bombs fall in Kyiv, it happens in Europe

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy once again appealed to European leaders to help stop Russia's war, because this aggression affects everyone, and while Europe procrastinates, Ukrainian citizens are dying.

Source: address of the Head of State

Italian Region of Lombardy Recognizes Crimea as Part of Russia

The Regional Council of Lombardy adopted a non-binding resolution calling to recognize Crimea as part of Russia and lift sanctions against Russia.

British Vote ‘May Postpone’ Visa-free Travel for Ukrainians

The results of the referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union will have negative consequences for Ukraine.