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Zelenskyy: Screening process has officially started for Ukraine, laying foundation for EU accession talks

Europeans must increase support for Ukraine significantly – Scholz

13th package of sanctions: EU prepares embargo on Russian aluminium

European Commission starts developing draft negotiating framework for Ukraine's accession

Polish Prime Minister believes Europe is target of potential Russian aggression

Council of Europe Secretary General reminds Russia that attacks on civilian facilities is a war crime

US proposes that G7 agree on plan to seize US$300bn of Russian assets – FT

Ukraine is fighting for Europe's future – Finnish Defence Minister

German tabloid says European intelligence thinks Russia might attack Europe next winter

EU sanctions imposed on Medvedev's son, Russian propagandists, military industrial complex companies and military officials

EU decides to meet 1 February to discuss €50 billion for Ukraine

Zelenskyy talks on phone with European Council President Michel

European Commission urged not to "appease" Orbán for Ukraine

European Council President to cut visit to China short over Hungarian PM's threats against Ukraine − Politico

Hungarian Prime Minister asks European Council President not to submit decision on Ukraine to EU summit

Ukraine starts consultations concerning security guarantees with EU

Dutch Defence Minister urges Europe to be prepared to fight

Putin might win in Ukraine, Europe needs defence plan – The Economist

European Commission approves ban on diamonds from Russia – AFP

Ukraine's Foreign Affairs Minister goes to Brussels on two-day visit

Russia moves air defence systems from "NATO-encircled Kaliningrad" to battlefield in Ukraine – UK intelligence

President of European Council explains why EU summit in December should make decision regarding Ukraine

European Council president arrives in Kyiv

Moldovan president arrives in Ukraine and visits Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial

Ukraine's heart beat loudly for Europe 10 years ago – German Foreign Minister

Around 2,400 trucks stand in queues at blocked checkpoints on Polish border with Ukraine

EU membership: US and EU to help Ukraine reform Accounting Chamber

Lithuanian Foreign Minister says Putin may win due to discussions in US and hesitation in Europe

If we fail Ukraine, it will be much harder to maintain peace in Europe – Latvian President

EU to start discussing 12th sanctions package against Russia next week