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Zelenskyy on European Parliament resolution: Russia needs to be isolated on all levels

European Parliament to vote on whether to designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism on 23 November

Ukraine receives conclusions on two draft laws necessary for EU accession

Zelenskyy proposes "economic Ramstein": 40% of energy infrastructure damaged

Ukraine imports electricity from Europe for the first time in test

After fire at hotel housing Ukrainians in Germany, Kyiv calls on EU not to give refuge to deserters from Russia

Zelenskyy convinced that new European format will meet Kyiv's expectations

European Commission President: Putin will fail, Ukraine and Europe will prevail

Putin tries to scare Europe with cold winter: "Freeze, freeze, wolf's tail"

Europe is not a place for murderers and those who support them to wander around – Volodymyr Zelenskyy on visa ban for Russians

EU provides Ukraine with four boats to protect the state border

The configuration of Europe for the next 50-100 years is being decided in Ukraine – Podoliak

Russia is testing everything it can use against Europe on Ukraine - Zelenskyy

Russia is trying to trace the routes by which Ukraine receives weapons from Europe — Intelligence Service

Zelenskyy supports Ukraine's accession to Three Seas Initiative

Results of Zelenskyy's meeting with European leaders

Russia Wants to Have Sanctions Lifted and Receive Ukrainian Territories in Exchange for Deblocking the Seaports

Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: History will cure Europe’s desire to let Putin save his face

On Russian TV, European countries are threatened with a nuclear strike for assisting Ukraine

The European Commission has confirmed von der Leyen and Borrell's visit to Kyiv

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba denies rumours of pressure from some partners to make concessions in the talks

Putin signs decree on paying for gas in rubles, except there is a "but"

Energy Minister explained why Ukraine continues transit of Russian gas

Russia did not wait to be kicked out of the Council of Europe and is withdrawing of its own accord

Ode to Joy. How Europe and the World are passing the Ukrainian test 

Nations who are stronger than their leaders are losing

Putin wants to tear apart Europe, just like he does Ukraine – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy does not understand what else Ukraine needs for EU membership

Ukrainians in the EU urged to hold large-scale rallies demanding Ukraine's expedited accession

Dmytro Kuleba, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on Ukrainians in the European Union to mobilise for next week's large-scale actions in support of Ukraine's rapid accession to the EU.

Zelenskyy to Europeans: “Don’t stay silent. If Ukraine falls, Europe falls.”