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European Parliament

EU preliminarily extends duty-free export of Ukrainian agricultural products

EU Parliament approves extension of trade benefits for Ukraine with restrictions

European Parliament supports aggravation of punishment for violating sanctions

European Parliament initiates debate on banning import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus

European Parliament urges EU to support Russian opposition and Ukraine

European Parliament supports allocation of €50 billion for Ukraine

EU Parliament and Council reach provisional agreement on €50bn for Ukraine

Ukrainian becomes top pick for Latvian liberal party in European Parliament election – photo

Zelenskyy meets with leader of European Parliament's largest group, in Kyiv – photo, video

European Parliament will vote to deprive Hungary of its voting rights in EU

European Parliament collects signatures to deprive Hungary of vote in EU Council

European Parliament may declare no confidence in European Commission over unfreezing of €10 billion for Hungary

Ukrainian Parliament plans to open office at European Parliament

European Parliament leadership supports talks on Ukraine's accession to EU

European Parliament President suggests observer status for MPs from Ukraine and Moldova

European Parliament supports allocation of €50 billion to Ukraine

European Parliament supports creation of €50 billion Ukraine fund

President of European Parliament calls for changes in EU to prepare for Ukraine's accession

European Parliament calls for seizure of assets of Belarusian leadership and transfer to Ukraine

European Parliament recognises Lukashenko as an accomplice in Russia's crimes

MEPs call on Zelenskyy to return draft law on opening declaration registers to Ukrainian Parliament

MEPs urge EU leaders to supply Ukraine with F-16s as soon as possible

EU Council and European Parliament agree on draft bill to boast ammunition production

Zelenskyy on resolution of European Parliament: time for certainty in integration has come

Strikes on Russia do not change anything, we must support Ukraine – European Parliament President

Largest European Parliament political group endorses invitation for Ukraine to join NATO at summit in Vilnius

MEPs call on France to expel Chinese ambassador

Members of European Parliament and Verkhovna Rada to hold joint meeting for first time

Event in support of civil resistance movement in Ukraine takes place in European Parliament building

Ukraine's Foreign Minister speaks with European Parliament President about future tribunal for Russian aggression