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Ukraine's Armed Forces likely hit Russian training ground during inspection, killing at least 60 soldiers on parade – photo

Ukrainian defenders hit Russian Tor anti-aircraft missile system with HIMARS – video

Special Operations Forces show HIMARS destroying Russian Osa air defence missile system – video

Ukraine's forces destroy Russian Buk missile system with Himars

Occupiers report missile attack on Skadovsk: Russian base supposedly hit

Ukrainian defenders' video shows HIMARS strike destroying drone and its operators

The secret IT specialist in Chornobaivka, HIMARS, the drunkenly mislaid USB flash drive, and Dzharylhach Island: how Ukrainian partisans are helping to liberate Ukraine

In this interview with Ukrainska Pravda, an officer of the Special Operations Forces who is the spokesman for the Central Security Service’s National Resistance Center tells us how a partisan IT worker helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine to make Chornobaivka famous around the world. How ordinary Ukrainians have thwarted the Russians' plans for an easy and total occupation of Ukraine.

Occupiers couldn't hit HIMARS: Deputy Defence Minister thanks US for the powerful weapon

Special Operations Forces destroy Russian Zoopark radar system and electronic warfare station with HIMARS

HIMARS systems less effective due to Russian electronic jamming – CNN

Ukraine's Defence Ministry releases video of HIMARS in storage: "You haven't destroyed a single one"

Spy arrested in Germany had to pass FSB coordinates of HIMARS delivered to Ukraine

US plans to sell $10 billion worth of weapons to Poland

US to equip Ukrainian HIMARS with additional fire control systems

Another four HIMARS arrive in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry reveals number of HIMARS, MARS and M270 at army’s disposal 

Reznikov: News about soldier Ivanov who destroyed 12 HIMARS with Kalashnikov assault rifle is nonsense

HIMARS accurately hit their targets: Russia accuses the USA of participating in the war

Ukraine receives additional American HIMARS – Minister of Defence

Ukraine’s allies promise to supply it with over 20 HIMARS –Pentagon

Shoigu orders the occupiers to destroy the long-range missile systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Reznikov waiting for Western-supplied 300km-range HIMARS