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Head of Oblast Military Administration publishes consequences of attack on downtown Kharkiv

Russian forces use cluster munitions to attack Kharkiv

Russian rockets hit Kharkiv centre, destroying an administrative building

Russians hit  enterprise in Kharkiv – mayor

Man detained in Kharkiv for reporting Ukrainian positions to Russian forces

Russian rockets hit central Kharkiv – Kharkiv Mayor

"Made in Russia": missile launched at Kharkiv explodes in the air

Invaders shell Kharkiv Oblast with cluster munitions, there are injured

Russians hit two districts in Kharkiv – Mayor

Trophy Russian Tigr is on patrol in Kharkiv

Kharkiv under attack again – Mayor

Kharkiv Day begins with Russian attacks and fire at a factory

Death toll of Russian attack on residential building in Kharkiv reaches 19 as search operations wrap up

Russian forces further damage Kharkiv’s infrastructure in an attack from Belgorod, Russia

Russian missiles strike Kharkiv, injuring 1 civilian

Russian missile attack on Kharkiv dormitory: another 3 bodies found under rubble

Russian rockets strike critical infrastructure targets in Kharkiv

First air raid shelter installed on transport stop in Kharkiv

Rocket attack on Kharkiv: death toll rises again

Kharkiv shelling: death toll rises to 19

Morning in Kharkiv: 5 Russian missiles strike local university and houses, killing 1 woman – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration

Russia hits three neighbourhoods in Kharkiv, causing a fire

Missile attack on Kharkiv: number of victims increases

Morning attack on Kharkiv: Death toll rises to three

Tragic night in Kharkiv Oblast: 11 dead, 37 wounded, eight rockets came in from Russia's Belgorod in morning

Morning attack on Kharkiv: 1 civilian killed, 18 injured

Russia attacks Kharkiv again: civilian casualties

Kuleba calls for more weapons to be given to Ukraine after Russian attack on Kharkiv

People with hearing impairments lived in Kharkiv dormitory: they would not have heard the air-raid siren

Zelenskyy: Russians hit Kharkiv dormitory, number of casualties not yet determined