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So-called "minister" of occupied Luhansk and two "MPs" killed in Lysychansk bakery attack, Russia claims – photo

Bakery in Lysychansk served as venue for Russian army meetings

Russian occupying authorities claim 20 fatalities in "Ukrainian" attack on bakery in occupied Lysychansk – photo, video

Russians turn all hospitals in Lysychansk into military hospitals

Russian invaders deported 50 high school students from Lysychansk to Russian Federation

Ukrainian military is on the outskirts of Lysychansk – Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration

In occupied Lysychansk, explosion kills up to 100 Russian soldiers – Haidai

Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate Russian special forces unit near Lysychansk

Luhansk region: Russians try to advance on Donetsk Oblast – Head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration

Russians deceive locals in Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk into “mobilising” - Luhansk Oblast Military Administration

Up to 12,000 Lysychansk residents remain in occupied city under difficult circumstances

6 Belarusian soldiers fighting for Ukraine captured or killed near Lysychansk

Not all Lysychansk residents who wanted to evacuate were able to do so

Zelenskyy comments on withdrawal from Lysychansk

Ukrainian Armed Forces withdraw from Lysychansk after heavy fighting

Zelenskyy on Lysychansk: Russia doesn’t control the city, fighting on outskirts continues

Russians entrench themselves in Lysychansk area – Luhansk Oblast Military Administration

Fierce fighting is taking place near Lysychansk city, but it is not encircled – National Guard

Ukrainian Armed Forces repel Russian attempt to conduct reconnaissance-in-force near Lysychansk – General Staff report

Russian occupiers loot mining equipment in Luhansk Oblast

Russians attack Lysychansk: police station and oil refinery destroyed

Russians almost destroy the humanitarian warehouses of the Luhansk region - Haidai

The Russians try to block Lysychansk and take control of Lysychansk-Bakhmut road - General Staff

Russian forces attempt to advance to border between Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

Many civilians wounded in Uragan attack on Lysychansk undergo amputations – Luhansk Oblast Military Administration

Russians open fire on crowd in Lysychansk: 8 civilians killed, 21 wounded

Situation in Lysychansk extremely difficult: residents urged to evacuate urgently

Russian artillery relentlessly fires on Lysychansk, Russia attempts to blockade the city – Luhansk Military Administration

"Luhansk region's last stronghold": Russians focus on Lysychansk

Russians bomb flyover in Lysychansk preventing further delivery of humanitarian aid