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emergency event

Thermoelectric power plant which heats 1.5 million households in Moscow on fire

Anthrax found in Voronezh Oblast, state of emergency declared

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft crashes in Sea of Azov

One unit operational at Kurakhove TPP despite building collapse

Aftermath of Kakhovka HPP explosion: 30% of water samples in three regions do not meet the standards

Elite residential complex catches fire in centre of Russian Belgorod

Conflagration breaks out in plastic warehouse in Russian Voronezh

Iskander missile complex crashes into fence near St Petersburg

Evacuation operation underway in flooded Kramatorsk

Hundreds of houses flooded in Kramatorsk due to destroyed gateway, water rising

State Bureau of Investigation reveals details of deaths of four soldiers in Desna training centre

Crash of Interior Ministry helicopter in Brovary: Prime Minister says investigation has data from "black boxes"

Part of the apartment building collapses due to gas explosion in Russia: people dead, under rubble

Oil refinery catches fire in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Authorities of Russian Kaluga Oblast report drone explosion over Kaluga city

Case opened in Ukraine due to "explosive" gift to Chief of Polish police

State Emergency Service of Ukraine explains how Head of Polish police ended up with grenade launcher that exploded

Russians hit Burshtyn Thermal Power Plant in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Grenade launcher goes off at exhibition in Chernihiv: 4 children injured

Ministry of Defence of Belarus gives reason for explosions at Zyabrovka military airfield

Rocket shot down by air defence system hit apartment building in Kyiv: one person killed, damage to the building

Almost a million Ukrainians are left without electricity, a quarter of a million have no gas

Three People Killed in Explosion at Ukroboronprom Site

An explosion took place at the test station of the state research institute for chemical products of Ukroboronprom [En: Ukrainian Military Industries] in Sumy oblast on Thursday.

Forest Fire in ATO Zone in Luhansk Oblast

About 15 hectares of forest caught fire in the ATO zone in Luhansk oblast, according to the press service of the State Forest Agency.

Sadovyi Asks to Declare an Environmental Emergency in Lviv

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi has asked President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Groysman to declare Lviv and the adjacent villages an environmental emergency area. The reason for his plea is the situation in Velyki Hrybovychi landfill.