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US attempts to confiscate $700 million worth of assets of Russian oligarchs

Hungary's effort to lift EU sanctions on 3 Russian oligarchs fails, media says

Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov loses legal case while seeking to lift EU sanctions

Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Court nationalises Ukrainian oil assets of Russian oligarch worth half a billion

Russian national, whose extradition Ukraine wants, seeks political asylum in Argentina

Ukraine's Security Service puts Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman on wanted list

US courts sends former FBI spy to prison for working for Russian oligarch

Lithuania looks into how Russian oligarch’s children obtained their citizenship

Abramovich's children obtained Lithuanian passports to get round sanctions

Ukraine expects Congress to adopt law on seizing Russian oligarchs' assets as soon as possible

New initiative to speed up seizure of Russian oligarchs’ assets introduced in US Congress

Cyprus promises to take action after revelations about role of its companies in hiding Russian assets

Russian oligarch Kuzmichev accused of tax fraud in France

US prosecutor's office wants to seize sanctioned Russian oligarch's yacht

Russian oligarch boasted about becoming secret owner of Forbes Media Group

Russia replaces Ukrainian priests with Russian ones in the occupied territories

Ukraine postpones creation of Register of Oligarchs until end of war

Ukrainian oligarch served third notice of suspicion

New US sanctions package hits Russian oligarchs and companies that help Russian troops

Former MP's daughter comes back to Kyiv after her husband was spotted at Russian oligarch's villa in Geneva

Ukrainska Pravda finds former Ukrainian MP's son-in-law at Russian oligarch's home

Londongrad 2: Ukrainska Pravda finds a Ukrainian politician's relative at the home of a Russian oligarch

The part two of the story about London assets and Russian oligarchs in United Kingdom – Ukrainska Pravda Investigation

US to give Ukraine money confiscated from Russian oligarchs for first time

EU court dismissed four appeals of Russian oligarchs to lift sanctions

Ukraine's Security Service serves notice of suspicion on Russian oligarch Fridman for financing Russia

Not the time: Danilov refuses to name oligarchs and politicians with greatest pro-Russian influence

No one is included in register of oligarchs yet – National Security Council Secretary

Russian oligarch Giner served with notice of suspicion for building TPPs in Crimea and supplying ammunition to Russia's army

Russian oligarchs' wealth is almost back up to pre-war levels

Russia's richest oligarch cooperates with Russian defence industry and prisons. He's still not sanctioned by West