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Human Rights Commissioner

People should be motivated to join the army, not forced – Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner

Ukrainian government establishes military ombudsman office – photo

Seven more children and their families leave occupied Ukrainian territories – photo

IL-76 crash: Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner says he hasn't received any official data from Russia

Russia's Human Rights Commissioner asks Ukrainian counterpart to "facilitate" return of their prisoners

Russians shot Ukrainian soldiers as they surrendered on 24 February – video

Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner urgently appeals to ICRC and UN over shooting of Ukrainian POWs in Avdiivka

Human Rights Commissioner to appeal to UN and IRCR over bogus trial of captured Ukrainians

Ukraine's Ombudsman calls for adoption of draft law on mobilisation despite finding unconstitutional norms

No evidence of prisoners on board Il-76: Ukraine wants to investigate, Russia to hide – Human Rights Commissioner

Ukraine vows to continue prisoner swaps, says Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner

Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner: No definitive confirmation that POWs were aboard crashed aircraft

Ukrainian prisoners of war receive humanitarian parcels and letters from home

3 more children brought back to Ukraine from Russia and occupied territories – photo

Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner to appeal to ICRC and UN over video of execution of Ukrainian soldiers

Russian and Ukrainian human rights commissioners visit Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war

10-month-old Ukrainian child abducted to Russia had her name changed

Teenager Yermokhin, deported from Mariupol to Russia, will soon be in Ukraine

Russia continues to abuse imprisoned Ukrainian Marchenko – Human Rights Commissioner

Ukraine managed to bring back another child

Israel revokes permission to evacuate foreigners from Gaza Strip two hours before start

Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner arrives in Egypt to help evacuate Ukrainian citizens from Gaza

Zelenskyy announces creation of military Ombudsman's office

There should be no "partially fit" people, they can serve in IT units – Ombudsman

New Ukraine's Defence Minister plans to bring in new position of military ombudsman

Officials still do not have access to Ukrainian soldiers transferred to Hungary – Ukrainian Ombudsman

Hungary violated international law when accepting Ukrainian prisoners of war from Russia – Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner

Office of Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner says 240 children have been removed from the families of Ukrainian refugees in EU countries

Russia wants to take Ukrainian children from occupied territories

Political prisoners are moved from Simferopol to secret detention centre on Crimean border – Ukraine's Ombudsman