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Partisans conduct sabotage in Russia's Yaroslavl – video

Russians evacuate soldiers from Dzhankoi and restore airfields deep in Crimea

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence and local resistance attack group of Russian soldiers with equipment in occupied Melitopol

Underground resistance group reconnoitres deployment point of Russian coastal defence brigade – photo

Sibir battalion claims to have raised flag in another Russian settlement

Armed Russian volunteers announce capture of another settlement in Russia – video

Russia deploys S-400 anti-air missile division in Saky, Crimea

Wagner Group soldiers arrive in occupied Dzhankoi, Crimea – photo

Russians intensify search for partisan movements in Ukraine's east

Ukrainian partisans enter military division in Moscow suburbs and acquire data of Russian soldiers – photo, video

Partisans infiltrate ammunition storage point in Crimea, discovering Russian command post – photo, video

Russians intensify their search for partisans in occupied territories

Underground resistance group blows up car carrying Russian official in Mariupol – photo

Ukrainian partisans claim to infiltrate Russia's marines in Sevastopol and detect equipment in Feodosiia

Russian occupation forces in Melitopol search people's homes to find "partisans"

Ukrainian partisans hit fuel tank and kill several Russians in Melitopol

Partisans blow up Kadyrovites' car near Melitopol

Resistance movement reports sneaking into Russian military unit territory in Crimean Feodosia

Russian headquarters bombed in occupied Melitopol, Russian officers killed

Russian partisans reveal coordinates of new plant producing missiles in Russia

Russian military police come to Dzhankoi (Crimea) looking for missing Russian soldiers

Train blown up in Melitopol, cutting Russians off from petrol and ammunition supply

Ukrainian partisans claim Russians move air defence systems to Simferopol

The secret IT specialist in Chornobaivka, HIMARS, the drunkenly mislaid USB flash drive, and Dzharylhach Island: how Ukrainian partisans are helping to liberate Ukraine

In this interview with Ukrainska Pravda, an officer of the Special Operations Forces who is the spokesman for the Central Security Service’s National Resistance Center tells us how a partisan IT worker helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine to make Chornobaivka famous around the world. How ordinary Ukrainians have thwarted the Russians' plans for an easy and total occupation of Ukraine.

Saboteurs perform successful work in Russia's Moscow and Kaluga oblasts – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russian partisan blows up 2 trucks carrying Russian occupiers in Henichesk, Kherson Oblast

Sevastopol residents help launch strike on Russian fleet – resistance forces

Russian sham elections: Ukrainian resistance attacks Russian proxies' car in Nova Kakhovka, hack TV in Crimea

Partisans set Russian base in Mariupol on fire – adviser to mayor

In Kherson Oblast, partisans blow up two trucks with Russians inside