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Russians evacuate soldiers from Dzhankoi and restore airfields deep in Crimea

Friday, 24 May 2024, 11:56
Russians evacuate soldiers from Dzhankoi and restore airfields deep in Crimea
Collage: Atesh

Partisans of the Crimean underground resistance movement Atesh reported on 24 May that the Russians have begun evacuating part of their personnel from the city of Dzhankoi and restoring airfields in the depths of temporarily occupied Crimea.

Source: Atesh on Telegram

Details: Members of the movement from various units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation report that Russian troops have begun evacuating some of their personnel from Dzhankoi. At the same time, the Russians have actively started to reconstruct and, likely, to upgrade airfields deep in Crimea’s territory. This concerns the Kirovske airfield near Feodosiia and the Baherove airfield not far from Kerch.

Collage "Atesh"

Quote: "However, despite all their efforts, they will be unable to build enclosed shelters for their aircraft anytime soon. The reason lies in the complex technological processes, the high cost of construction, and the significant time required. 

The actions of the occupiers indicate a desire to disperse their troops and equipment in Crimea in anticipation of new successful attacks by Ukraine’s Defence Forces."


  • On 24 May, Atesh agents reported that the communications centre of the Russians (military unit 28735) had been hit in the temporarily occupied city of Alushta in Crimea.
  • Explosions were reported in a number of cities in temporarily occupied Crimea on the evening of 23 May. At least five explosions were heard in Alushta.

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