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defence intelligence

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence officers target Russian surveillance system with FPV drone – video

UK intelligence analyses Russian losses in Black Sea over past five weeks

27 Russians wounded and 7 killed in sinking of Sergei Kotov patrol boat, Ukrainian intelligence says

5 surface drones destroy Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov with helicopter on board

Ukrainian intelligence shows video of sinking of Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov – video

Four ships in a row: Defence Intelligence explains why Ukrainian drones started sinking Russian vessels – video

UK Defence Intelligence assesses Russian Defence Industry capabilities in ensuring war in 2024

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence has lists of people who Russians may use in Maidan-3 PsyOp

UK intelligence analyses Russia's latest tactical gains near Avdiivka

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence says Russia didn't achieve desired result at "lawmakers' congress" in Transnistria

UK intelligence analyses impact of war on Russia's relations with former USSR countries

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence lists potential gains for Russians if their Maidan-3 plan succeeds

Russian Maidan-3 PsyOp to culminate in March-May

Cooperation with CIA was like a two-way street – former defence intelligence head of Ukraine

UK intelligence says Russia will continue to weaponise energy

CIA maintains 12 secret bases in Ukraine, CIA head was in Kyiv last week – NYT

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief speaks of Russia's "most expensive" operation codenamed Maidan-3

Russian A-50 was downed with S-200 anti-aircraft system

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts final flight path of downed Russian A-50 – map

Kremlin justifies duration of war against Ukraine claiming it is fighting with "collective West"

Russia doesn't have forces for new offensive on Kyiv Oblast, Kharkiv, Sumy or Chernihiv – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

UK intelligence analyses Russian attacks near Robotyne

10 likely agents of Russian special services detained in Estonia

Russian army lacks combat capability to take advantage of capture of Avdiivka – UK Defence Intelligence

Russian intelligence comments on death in Spain of defector who surrendered helicopter to Ukraine

Kremlin sends special units to occupied territories of Ukraine to "create" voters for Putin

Russian occupation authorities broadcasting Russian World TV in occupied Ukrainian territories – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

UK intelligence says Russia lost 400 pieces of equipment during assault on Avdiivka

Zelenskyy on destruction of Russian landing ship: it brings more security to Black Sea – video

Most crew members of Russian Tsezar Kunikov ship did not survive – Defence Intelligence