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Tough situation in Avdiivka: fighting continues and Russians try to advance

Friday, 13 October 2023, 08:07
Tough situation in Avdiivka: fighting continues and Russians try to advance

The situation in the city of Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast has been very tough for a fourth day. Russian forces have increased their attacks, and are trying to advance using armoured combat vehicles, but Ukrainian soldiers are holding their positions.

Source: Vitalii Barabash, Head of Avdiivka City Military Administration, during the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: "The fighting continues for a fourth day. Fierce and without a break. Both shooting from small firearms and artillery. [The occupiers – ed.] are using everything they have. The [enemy’s – ed.] aircraft is being used actively.


It was a hot night in Avdiivka. There were several airstrikes on the city. We didn't even count [how much the Russians fired on – ed.] the positions, as there were a lot of them and hundreds of attacks on them. Dozens per night in the city itself. The assaults do not stop either day or night, and they [the Russians – ed.] are like cockroaches; there are a lot of them.

Yesterday they used a lot of armoured combat vehicles, and [the occupiers – ed.] were moving in convoys. They have a lot of equipment and personnel, and they are bringing in new personnel and equipment."

Details: Barabash said the Russian occupiers want to encircle Avdiivka, so they are concentrating on strikes from the north and south. But the Ukrainian soldiers "have been holding their positions for four days, and I am sure they will withstand, because these are not people; they are titans."

Barabash added that the Russian occupiers are hitting not only the settlements located directly on the contact line but also more rear areas. In particular, villages in Ocheretyne hromada came under fire last night. [A hromada is an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.]

"We have confirmed for the past day that the civilian casualties include one killed, four wounded and two under the rubble, but we can say that people have died under the rubble, we just cannot physically see the bodies," Barabash said.

Details: Barabash said logistics in Avdiivka are currently very complicated. The authorities stopped the supply of both humanitarian aid and food products to the city during the escalation.

"We are only trying to ensure evacuation. If people are willing and want to leave, then we are trying to find a small gap in these attacks. But in principle, the city has everything, including food, hygiene products, and medicine. There is enough, with a reserve for several months," Barabash concluded.

Previously: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the Defence Forces of Ukraine are continuing to hold their positions in the city of Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast.


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