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Russians continue assault on Avdiivka front, 63 combat clashes recorded at front line – General Staff report

Advance of Russians halted on Avdiivka front – Tavriia Operative-Strategic Group

Russia is ready to risk aviation losses for tactical advance on Avdiivka front – ISW

NYT criticises weak defensive positions of Ukrainian troops near Avdiivka

Russians push forward along entire area around Avdiivka

Russians have local successes on Avdiivka front, Ukrainians occasionally regain positions

UK intelligence analyses Russia's latest tactical gains near Avdiivka

Russians continue to push south and west of Avdiivka; Ukrainian defenders repel 63 attacks – General Staff report

Russians stuck near Orlivka, hindered by series of reservoirs, military says

Russians continue offensive near Avdiivka to deprive Ukrainian forces of respite – ISW

110th Brigade which defended Avdiivka leaves on rotation: "First time in two years"

Tavriia Operative-Strategic Group confirms Ukrainian forces retreated from villages near Avdiivka

3rd Assault Brigade on situation around Avdiivka: The Russians are on offensive day and night

Russian troops capture two more villages west of Avdiivka

Russian forces ramp up airstrikes and assaults on Tavriia front

Ukrainian Armed Forces withdraw from Lastochkyne and reinforce new frontier

Lastochkyne unoccupied by Russians, fighting persists on outskirts – Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces

Russians occupy Lastochkyne near Avdiivka

Russians start issuing Russian citizenship to residents of Avdiivka

Russians look for Ukrainians' weak spots on Avdiivka front

Ukraine's 3rd Assault Brigade kills 35 Russians near Avdiivka and captures 9 more – video

Russia seeks to achieve success on Avdiivka front before second anniversary of Russian full-scale invasion

Defence forces repel 19 attacks over past day on Avdiivka front

The last days of Avdiivka: what led to the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the city and how it took place

Ukraine's Armed Forces explain why number of people missing in action during withdrawal from Avdiivka is not revealed

Russians redeploy equipment and units from Avdiivka to other areas

NYT reports hundreds of Ukrainians captured during withdrawal from Avdiivka, Ukraine's Armed Forces deny it

Pentagon says withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was "strategic"

If US had provided aid in time, Avdiivka wouldn't have been lost – Ukrainian Foreign Minister

Russians in Avdiivka have enough strength to continue their offensive, main direction is Lastochkyne