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"Peace" initiatives with unacceptable propositions no longer being talked about – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Sunday, 29 October 2023, 22:58
Peace initiatives with unacceptable propositions no longer being talked about – Ukraine's Foreign Minister
Dmytro Kuleba. Photo: Facebook

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, has remarked that numerous "peace" initiatives that would have involved Ukraine making unacceptable concessions to Russia have vanished from public discourse.

Source: Kuleba on Instagram

Details: Kuleba noted that 15 states participated in the Peace Formula meeting in Copenhagen in June, 42 in the August meeting in Jeddah, and as many as 66 countries and international organisations came together at the meeting in Malta.


Quote: "Pay attention to the fact that during the last six months, numerous ‘peace’ initiatives which proposed that Ukraine give up its territories, or exchange something, or [do] other inappropriate things, have disappeared from the information space.

Now, the fair and honest Ukrainian Peace Formula, which follows the principles of the UN Statute and key resolutions of the General Assembly to a T, is at the centre of discussion. And this is the first, very specific outcome of the Formula."

More details: Kuleba also remarked that the meeting in Malta had debunked two myths with perfect timing: the myth that attention has shifted away from Ukraine to the Middle East, and the myth that Ukraine has lost the support of the Global South.

"There is space for everybody in the Formula. But no space for fake pacifism. This is a pragmatic document which brings the principles of the UN Statute to life. Ukraine continues to actively work towards its implementation and on preparing for the Global Peace Summit in which leaders will make agreements and start implementing them," Kuleba added.

Background: The third Ukrainian Peace Formula meeting in Malta on 28-29 October focused on the issues of nuclear, food and energy security, the liberation of prisoners of war and deportees, and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Over 65 countries took part in the meeting in Malta, considerably more than attended the previous meeting in Saudi Arabia. The list of attendees has not been disclosed, but it was revealed that Armenia participated for the first time.

Zelenskyy said the statement issued by the co-chairs of the meeting to discuss Ukraine’s Peace Formula in Malta was "good news", describing it as offering a foundation for unity.

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