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Lake-sized crater, broken windows, shattered roofs: aftermath of missile strike in Kyiv Oblast – photo

Thursday, 15 February 2024, 10:22
Lake-sized crater, broken windows, shattered roofs: aftermath of missile strike in Kyiv Oblast – photo
Giant crater formed after a Russian missile was shot down. All photos: Anatolii Fyodoruk on Telegram

A huge crater has emerged in the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast as a result of a Russian missile strike, which broke windows and damaged roofs in the area.

Source: Bucha mayor Anatolii Fedoruk on Telegram; head of Kyiv Oblast Military Administration Ruslan Kravchenko on Facebook

Quote from Fedoruk: "A missile attack on the Bucha hromada (a hromada is an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.): the blast wave left houses in Babyntsi and Vorzel settlements without roofs and windows. Some of the buildings have their supporting structures damaged. In total, about four dozen houses were damaged. An enemy missile was shot down outside the settlement, so a crater was the only consequence. Relevant services are working there."


Details: The mayor added that the missile was shot down near the village of Buda-Babynetska.

All photos: Anatolii Fedoruk on Telegram

No one was injured in the attack.


At the same time, the head of the OMA added that thanks to the work of the air defence forces, no hits to residential and critical infrastructure were recorded.


According to him, 7 private houses, several outbuildings and a car were damaged as a result of the falling missile debris. Windows were smashed, and facades and roofs were damaged.


Kravchenko promised that the OMA, together with the hromadas, would provide the residents of the damaged houses with all the necessary assistance.


  • On the night of 15 February, the Russian forces fired missiles at Ukraine from several Tu-95MS bombers. Air defences were operating in different oblasts and explosions were heard.
  • Kyiv City Military Administration reported that all the missiles that the Russians launched at Kyiv on the early morning of 15 February had been destroyed.
  • A strike was recorded in the city of Lviv during a missile attack on the morning of 15 February, hitting an infrastructure facility and injuring three people.

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