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Poland says it is far from reaching agricultural imports agreement with Ukraine

Friday, 23 February 2024, 21:32
Poland says it is far from reaching agricultural imports agreement with Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

Jan Grabiec, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk's Chief of Staff, has said that Poland and Ukraine are far from reaching an agreement on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products blocked at the border by Polish protesting farmers.

Source: AFP, European Pravda

Details: According to Tusk's representative, the state of negotiations with Ukraine "does not allow us to say that we have a satisfactory solution for Poland or Polish farmers".


Quote: "We are far from such an agreement. Unfortunately, there is no Ukrainian offer yet that would allow us to hope for a way out of the deadlock in trade relations," the Polish official said.

Reminder: On 20 February, Polish farmers began a large protest across Poland, including on the border with Ukraine. Since then, there have been several incidents involving spilling of Ukrainian grain and blocking of passenger traffic at the border.

President Zelenskyy proposed that Ukraine and Poland hold a bilateral government meeting and, if necessary, presidential meeting – in response to Polish farmers blocking checkpoints on the common border.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk refused Ukraine's President Zelenskyy's invitation for a government meeting at the border. Nevertheless, on 23 February, the Ukrainian government delegation came to the border, but the meeting did not take place, as the Polish representatives did not come.

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