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Floods in Russia wash away several bridges in villages and cause embankment dam to collapse in Tomsk – photos, videos

Monday, 15 April 2024, 09:27
Floods in Russia wash away several bridges in villages and cause embankment dam to collapse in Tomsk – photos, videos
Photo: video screenshot

Russia is still being hit by severe flooding. Two bridges have been swept away in Kurgan Oblast, and an embankment dam has been washed away in Tomsk, Tomsk Oblast. Water levels continue to rise.

Source: Russian media Holod; Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza; the Podyom media outlet; Kremlin-aligned news agencies RIA Novosti and RT

Details: Two bridges were washed away on 14 April. The media outlet Podyom reported that a wooden bridge over the Tobol River in the village of Temlyakovo was carried downstream towards the city of Kurgan.


A pontoon bridge was swept away in the village of Laptevo, and workers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are attempting to retrieve it from the water.

The authorities report that the water is rising rapidly – over the last 24 hours alone, the water level in the Tobol River near Kurgan has risen by 140 cm, reaching 631 cm. Local residents have been urged to evacuate flooded areas immediately.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations says extreme water level increases of up to 80 cm are expected in the Tobol River in the next day or two.

Another bridge partially collapsed due to flooding in the Karmaskalinsky district of Bashkortostan.

Photo: Podyom Telegram channel

A house floating downstream is reported to have crashed into a concrete bridge in Orenburg Oblast.

Several villages in the Ishimsky district in Tyumen Oblast are being evacuated. Regional authorities report that the water level in the Ishim River is expected to exceed a "critical water mark" shortly.

Flooding in Tomsk resulted in the partial collapse of an embankment dam near the Communal Bridge spanning the Tom River, with water levels in the river still rising.

A threat of natural disaster due to floods has reportedly arisen in Novosibirsk Oblast on the rivers Inya, Berd, Tara and Tartas.

Evacuations from flooded areas in Orenburg continue. Currently, 10,656 plots of land and 5,503 residential buildings, including 55 apartment complexes, remain submerged.

Why this is important: While the Russian government is powerless to solve its own problems, it is pouring money into the war against Ukraine. Just three major attacks on Ukraine since the beginning of this year have cost Russia more than US$1 billion. In particular, the overnight attack on 13 January cost Russia at least US$239 million, the air attack on 7 February about US$423.4 million, and the massive attack on 21 March US$390 million.


  • On 5 April, a dam burst in Orsk, a city of about 189,000 people. Residents of the worst-affected areas were evacuated. Another breach followed, with water reaching the regional centre of Orenburg, where several districts were also flooded. A state of emergency was declared in Orenburg Oblast.
  • An oil refinery suspended operations on 7 April due to flooding after the second dam burst in Orsk and the water reached Orenburg.
  • Maxar released satellite images of the flooding in Russia's Orenburg Oblast. The Kremlin said the flood forecast was unfavourable and the water level would continue to rise.
  • On 11 April, it was reported that the water level in the Tom River in Russia’s Tomsk Oblast had risen significantly, flooding roads and houses in villages near the regional centre, and also flooding houses in neighbouring Kemerovo Oblast.

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