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Tu-22M3 bomber jet crashes in Russia: one crew member killed – photo, video

Friday, 19 April 2024, 07:10
Tu-22M3 bomber jet crashes in Russia: one crew member killed – photo, video
Photo: Vladimirov on Telegram

A Tu-22M3 long-range strategic bomber has crashed in Russia's Stavropol Krai. The Russians have been using aircraft of this type to land strikes on Ukraine. One crew member has been killed, with efforts underway to locate a missing pilot.

Source: Vladimir Vladimirov, the governor of Stavropol Krai, on Telegram; TASS and RIA Novosti, Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlets

Quote from Vladimirov: "An urgent message. A plane has crashed in a field in Krasnogvardeiskoye district. According to early reports, there is no damage or casualties, and the pilots ejected."


Details: He did not provide any other details, but posted a photo of the crashed jet.

Photo: Vladimirov on Telegram

Later, Vladimirov added that two pilots had been found alive and taken to hospital.

"All relevant services rushed to the scene," the governor stated.

Monitoring Telegram channels reported that a Tu-22M3, which Russia has been using for strikes on Ukraine, had crashed, stating that it had been downed. 

Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for Ukraine's Air Force, could neither confirm nor deny the information about the plane being downed in Russia. 

"I cannot confirm or deny it. We are currently verifying the information," Yevlash said.

Updated: Later, Russian propaganda outlet RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Ministry of Defence, confirmed that it was a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber from the Russian Aerospace Forces that went down.

The aircraft reportedly "crashed in Stavropol Krai while returning to its home airfield after completing a combat mission".

"The pilots ejected, three crew members were evacuated by a search and rescue team, and the search for one pilot is underway. There was no payload on board; the plane crashed in a deserted area," the propagandists said in a statement.

The crash was reportedly caused by a technical malfunction.

Update: Later, the governor added that one of the pilots had lost his life. Searches for the fourth pilot who is missing are underway.

Why it matters: On the night of 18-19 April, Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahed-type kamikaze drones and missiles. Russia launched the missiles, in particular, from Tu-22M3 aircraft. Near the border with the Stavropol Krai is the Mozdok military airfield (North Ossetia), where Tu-22M3s of the Russian Aerospace Forces are based.

Screenshot: google.maps

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