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Several explosions heard in Luhansk and oil depot catches fire – video

Tuesday, 7 May 2024, 23:53
Several explosions heard in Luhansk and oil depot catches fire – video
Fire at an oil depot in Luhansk. Photo: TASS

Explosions were heard in the city of Luhansk in the late evening of 7 May. Following this, an oil depot located in the city has caught fire.

Source: Leonid Pasechnik, the Russian-appointed "head" of the so-called "Luhansk People's Republic"; Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency RIA Novosti; local Telegram channels; DeepState

Details: Pasechnik reported that the emergency services are working at the scene. Information about casualties was being gathered. 


Russian propagandists, citing their correspondent, also reported "several explosions in Luhansk".

DeepState noted that Luhansk, which has been occupied by Russians since 2014, is located about 100 kilometres from the line of contact.

Updated at 00:35: Pasechnik added that power lines were damaged and buildings in the vicinity of the oil depot have partially been left without electricity due to the strike.

In addition, a high-pressure gas pipeline is on fire. All emergency services units in Luhansk are involved in extinguishing the fire.


  • Footage was released of a cluster of Russian personnel being hit by ATACMS ballistic missiles near the settlement of Rohove in Luhansk Oblast. The footage, filmed by a drone, shows a large concentration of Russian personnel being hit by three missiles equipped with a cluster warhead.

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