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South Korea may change its decision not to supply weapons to Ukraine in response to new Russia-DPRK agreement

Thursday, 20 June 2024, 13:43
South Korea may change its decision not to supply weapons to Ukraine in response to new Russia-DPRK agreement
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The South Korean government said on Thursday that it will reconsider its position on the supply of weapons to Ukraine after North Korea and Russia sign an agreement to provide immediate military aid if one of them is attacked.

Source: South Korean news agency Yonhap

Quote from National Security Adviser Chang Ho-jin: "We plan to review the issue of providing weapons to Ukraine."


Details: The publication emphasises that Chang hinted at a change in South Korea's policy regarding the failure to provide lethal assistance to Ukraine.

The official said that South Korea will maintain strategic uncertainty about the types of weapons. 

Quote from Chang: "Specific measures will be revealed later, and it will be interesting to see how Russia reacts, rather than revealing our plans in advance."


The South Korean politician also expressed "serious concern" and condemned the signing of a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement aimed at strengthening mutual military and economic cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

Chang stressed that any cooperation that directly or indirectly contributes to North Korea's military strengthening violates UN Security Council resolutions and will be the subject of an international investigation and sanctions, and he promised to take appropriate measures. 

It is also reported that South Korea will impose additional sanctions against four ships, five organisations and eight people involved in the transfer of weapons and oil between Russia and North Korea.


  • Previously, South Korea provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but not weapons.
  • At the same time, South Korean weapons have already been delivered to Ukraine through intermediaries. In particular, the United States bought weapons for Ukraine from South Korea and delivered them via Czechia.
  • On 19 June, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement providing mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of these states.
  • Before that, Russian propaganda publications stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed "full support" for Russian aggression in Ukraine during the Kremlin leaderʼs visit to North Korea.
  • In March, South Korea reported that North Korea has sent about 7,000 containers of ammunition to Russia since last year and other military equipment.
  • Shin Won-sik, South Korean Defenсe Minister, said that ammunition production plants in North Korea are working at full capacity to supply weapons to Russia.
  • The American side has information confirmed by satellite images that North Korea has delivered to Russia more than 1000 containers with ammunition.
  • In mid-June, Shin Won-sik, South Korean Defenсe Minister, said that the DPRK had sent at least 10,000 sea containers to Russia, which can contain up to 4.8 million artillery shells.

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