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South Korea

South Korea says North Korea may sell new type of ballistic missiles to Russia

South Korea sends 10 Croatian-made mine-clearance machines to Ukraine – photo

North Korea has relationship with Russia's war against Ukraine – South Korean President

North Korea has delivered a million artillery rounds to Russia, Seoul says

South Korea claims Russia has long been using North Korean weapons in Ukraine

South Korea to provide Ukraine with US$2.3 billion in financial assistance

Russia suggests that China and North Korea conduct joint naval "training"

US signs agreements with Bulgaria and South Korea to supply 155mm ammunition to Ukraine – FT

Ukrainian diplomat detained in Seoul over bar brawl. He is being recalled by Ukraine

Shoigu and his entourage gather in North Korea to "celebrate" 70th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's "victory"

Olena Zelenska and Korea's First Lady visit Children's Rights Centre to learn about how child victims are interviewed

Zelenskyy calls on Korea to join G7 declaration on Ukraine

South Korea to increase military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

South Korean President arrives in Kyiv on an unannounced visit

Seoul starts secretly transferring hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Kyiv

South Korea to consider list of non-lethal weapons requested by Zelenskyy

Ukraine's First Lady speaks on supplying Ukraine with air defence during her meeting with South Korean President

South Korea supports Ukrainian "peace formula"

South Korea announces possibility of military aid for Ukraine

We are offered the Korean option, but Koreans regret it – Secretary of Ukraine’s Security Council