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international relations

Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Brazil to meet president, who made loud statements about Ukraine

Zelenskyy meets with bipartisan US Senate delegation

WSJ demands that US expel Russian ambassador and journalists, Kremlin responds

Zelenskyy in a conversation with Meloni recalls her resonant speech in support of Ukraine in Senate

Denmark and Mykolaiv Oblast sign memorandum on reconstructing the oblast

Lukashenko arrives in China to meet Xi Jinping

Verkhovna Rada denounces all treaties with Russia concerning Sea of Azov

Zelenskyy holds talks with Kazakhstan's President Tokaev

Ukraine extremely improves its perception as ally over last year

Ukraine's Foreign Affairs Ministry works on Zelenskyy's foreign visits

Zelenskyy says Ukraine can expect news about its European integration prospects this week

Putin approves Russia's withdrawal from Council of Europe agreements

Turkey supports Ukrainian Peace Formula

Kuleba arrives in US together with Zelenskyy, promising that "everything will be alright"

Bloody packages with animals' eyes inside: Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry announces new acts of intimidation of Ukrainian diplomatic missions

Third suspicious package arrives to airfield in Madrid that shares intelligence data with Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukrainian position for G20 Summit has been established

Zelenskyy discusses Ukraine’s air defence and infrastructure restoration with Dutch PM

Zelenskyy discusses preparations for G20 summit with Indonesian President

President of Germany arrives in Kyiv

President of Switzerland arrives in Ukraine

Russian Federation calls security guarantees for Ukraine an "escalation"

Prime Minister of Poland arrives in Kyiv

Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks Speaker of Hungarian Parliament for medical report his mental health

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Appointing New Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Is Off the Agenda

Discussing the appointment of the new ambassador of Russian Federation to Ukraine is off the agenda on the initiative of the Ukrainian side.

Report: ‘Normandy Four’ to Meet in Early July

The ‘Normandy four’ leaders may meet in early July before the NATO summit scheduled for July 8-9 in Warsaw.