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Zelenskyy and Pope Francis discuss Russian aggression and missile terror – video

Switzerland invites Pope to Ukrainian Peace Summit

Pope urges warring countries to come to negotiation table

Ukraine's spy chief backs Pope's call for general prisoner swap: We just have to convince Russia

Pope Francis calls for "all for all" prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine

Pope says destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine raises risk of humanitarian crisis

Pope calls on Ukraine to hold peace talks with Russia again after being criticised for controversial statements

US Department of State on Pope's call for "white flag"

A truce would only benefit Putin – Zelenskyy

Ukraine needs weapons, not "white flags" – NATO Secretary General responds to Pope's statement

Scholz disagrees with Pope's controversial remarks, says Ukraine fights back against aggressor

Kremlin reacts to Pope's statement

I wonder what he meant to convey – German Foreign Minister on Pope's statement

Ukrainians under their blue and yellow flag are the reason murderers are not marching through Europe, Zelenskyy tells Pope

Ukraine's Foreign Minister responds to Pope's calls for "white flag": "Our flag is yellow and blue"

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church head on Pope's words: No one in Ukraine is willing to surrender

Vatican clarifies Pope's words: Not surrender, but negotiations

Pope tells Ukraine to have "courage of the white flag"

Pope calls for diplomatic solution to war in Ukraine

Pope Francis is concerned war in Ukraine may be "forgotten"

Pope Francis on massive bombardments of Ukraine: Nothing can justify this

On New Year's Eve, Pope encourages prayer for "beleaguered Ukrainian people"

Zelenskyy discusses Peace Formula with Pope

Pope at Christmas Mass calls for peace, including in Ukraine

Vatican declares support for Ukrainian Peace Formula

Pope Francis says that war in Ukraine is beneficial to arms dealers

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church bishops meet with Pope and explain how he offended Ukrainians

Pope recognises indelicacy of mentioning Peter I and Catherine II in his speech

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Head is waiting for clarification regarding Pope's statement on Russia

Foreign Ministry: It's a shame that the Pope's words reflect Russia's great-power ideas