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war crimes

Firefighters killed by Russians as they put out fire following attack in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russians shell family's car near Kherson, killing grandfather: doctors fight to save mother and baby

5 civilians killed and 15 more injured due to Russian attacks over last 24 hours

Russian drone drops explosives on elderly man in Kherson Oblast

Morning attack on Nikopol: one killed and six injured

Russian projectile kills child in Beryslav

30,000 civilians from Ukraine have gone missing since beginning of war

Russian forces bombard Kherson: 5 civilians injured; residential area hit

Russian forces hit hospital in Kherson Oblast overnight

Russians drop explosive on couple's car in Beryslav: wife killed and husband in hospital

Russians hit house in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring civilians

Russians attack Kherson and outskirts, injuring library security guard and elderly woman

Russians target church in Kherson during service, fellow parishioners shield each other

Russians attack residential houses in Kherson at dawn

Russian missile attack on Hroza village: Death toll rises

Europol joins international team investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Russians drop bombs on Beryslav in morning, killing 1 and wounding another, people searched for under rubble

Russians attack residential buildings in Kherson this morning: 1 dead and 1 wounded

Russia strikes Kherson suburb in the evening: woman is killed

Russians bombard Kherson Oblast all day long: 6 killed, 9 injured

Russian attack kills child in Kherson Oblast, injures teenage and neighbours who tried to help

Russians drop bombs in Kherson Oblast, injuring volunteer and local woman

Russians attack Kherson Oblast in morning, damaging secondary school and wounding people

Russians shoot at ambulatory clinic in Kherson Oblast, wounding paramedic and patient

75 Ukrainian children subjected to torture by Russians

Russians hit pensioner's house in Sumy Oblast, killing woman

Russians kill 5 civilians and injure 4 more in Donetsk Oblast in past 24 hours

Three people injured in Russian attack on Sumy Oblast

Russians fire cluster munitions on Toretsk, one dead, 3 wounded

Russians hit supermarket in Donetsk Oblast, injure 4 women