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war crimes

Agreement on creating International Centre for Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression of Russia to be signed in Lviv

US to join work of team investigating war crimes of Russia

Russia strikes dormitory in Kherson at nighttime

Russia strikes at emergency workers searching for people under rubble of administration building in Kharkiv Oblast

Russians attack residential building in Kupiansk, one injured

Russians attack infrastructure facilities in Donetsk Oblast all day, killing and wounding people

Russia strikes hospitals in Kherson city and oblast twice in a day

New York Times shares video of missile attack on volunteers in Bakhmut

Russian soldiers hit apartment building in Kherson

"Only ashes": Russians destroy village in Luhansk Oblast

Russians attack kindergarten in Kherson Oblast

Shot, dismembered and set on fire: Russian who killed civilian is identified

At least 1000 people abducted in Melitopol since Russian occupation began

Russians launch attack on residential area in Kherson centre

Security Service of Ukraine identifies Chechen soldier who led Russian punitive raids in Luhansk Oblast

Russia hits municipal company and theatre in Kherson

Ukrainian Security Service identifies FSB officer who lead punitive raids by occupiers in Kherson

Russia plans to attack hospital in Luhansk Oblast and blame it on Ukraine

Russian forces blow up power plant during retreat from Beryslav, Kherson Oblast

Russian forces hit Kherson, damaging kindergarten and medical aid station

Russia demolishes Mariupol Drama Theatre, which it bombed in March

Russian forces hit village in Zaporizhzhia Oblast with use of cluster munitions

Children's torture chambers found in liberated territories

Security Service of Ukraine reveals names of 6 Russian generals who ordered to "break through" Ukraine's state border in Kharkiv Oblast

Russians forcibly deport 37 local residents from Kinburn Spit

Russians killed writer Vakulenko with Makarov pistol – police

Russians intensify terror in Melitopol after defeats on front

Russians shoot civilians in Kherson region – police

Russians attack Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, with cluster munitions

Set of pots and spinning rods: investigators find out what occupiers were stealing in Bucha