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war crimes

Russia shells Pokrovsk district of Donetsk Oblast with tubed artillery, wounding civilians

Four emergency workers injured in Russian attack on residential building – photo

New Russian crime: Ukraine launches investigation into shooting of Ukrainian POWs near Robotyne

Russians strike Nikopol district, injure 87-year-old woman and 2 more people – photo

10 years of war – 10 lessons and conclusions for justice

US hands Ukraine new assistance package to record Russian crimes – photo

Neutron Source attack: former Russian colonel general charged with ecocide

Attack on Selydove: rescue workers and police post photos of aftermath – photo, video

Russians kill 7 civilians and injure 23 more in one day

Russians strike two Kherson hospitals and the oblast, injuring 2 civilians – video

Former police officer involved in bombardment of Hroza village faces charge of treason

Russian drone strikes vehicle in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, injuring two people – photo

Russians kill 7 civilians and injure 13 more over the course of one day

Four dead and one wounded after Russians strike car in Kherson city centre – video

Russians attack ambulance crew in Kherson Oblast

Ukraine sentences 22 Russian military personnel in face-to-face trial, police reports

Russians bomb humanitarian facility in Kherson Oblast

3 Russian soldiers to be tried for dismemberment of farmer and massive looting

Russians strike Myrnohrad and Kherson at night: seven people wounded; school, shopping centre and kindergarten damaged – photo

Russian forces employing new poison gas grenades, says armament research centre

Russians hit hospital in Kherson, wounding medics

Number of fatalities in Kharkiv attack rises to 8, including a 8-year old girl – video

Russians strike Kherson, kill man on porch

Russian UAV drops explosives on Beryslav resident, killing him

Russians strike Kupiansk: residential building hit, civilians killed and injured – photo

Russian drone attacks civilian vehicle in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, child in critical condition

Russian soldier sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia for shooting 2 Ukrainian civilians in back – video

Russians attack Kherson city and oblast: one person killed and another injured – photo

Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group shoots man in Chernihiv Oblast

5 Ukrainians killed as result of Russian aggression on 1 January