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Threat of Russian ballistic missiles and UAVs in several regions at night

Explosion rocks Zaporizhzhia

Russians prepare for new conscription wave in temporarily occupied parts of Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Nuke or not, the jam isn't going to make itself

Explosion rocked city of Zaporizhzhia

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia and its suburbs, causing destruction

Explosions rocked Zaporizhzhia

Convoys hit and soldier captured: Chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine posts video of liberation of Piatykhatky

Russians launch missile attacks on Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Former communist council member who directed Russian missile strikes detained in Zaporizhzhia

Explosions rock Zaporizhzhia

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Explosion heard in Zaporizhzhia

So-called policemen flee from temporarily occupied territories in south to avoid Ukrainian counteroffensive

Base station of mobile operator "intercepted" a missile that was flying to Zaporizhzhia

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Russian forces launch missile attack on Zaporizhzhia's civilian infrastructure

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro

Explosion rocks Zaporizhzhia during air-raid warning

Orikhiv in Zaporizhzhia Oblast destroyed by 80%, but all children were evacuated

Explosions thunder in Zaporizhzhia after air-raid warning issued

Explosions rocked Zaporizhzhia

Air-raid warning in Zaporizhzhia, explosions rock the city

Russia builds 120 km defence line in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, preparing for Ukrainian attack on Melitopol – UK Intelligence

Zelenskyy: Russia spent Palm Sunday killing man and child in Zaporizhzhia

Russian night attack on Zaporizhzhia: two reported killed

Ukrainian army failed to regain Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in October

Infrastructure facility damaged as result of Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia