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Russians attack Zaporizhzhia at night, damaging 4 multi-storey buildings

Several Shahed drones attack Zaporizhzhia

Ukrainians have gains near Robotyne – Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine

Explosions rock Zaporizhzhia

Zaporizhzhia warned of missile threat: possible launches of S-300

Azov Brigade posts video of its soldiers wiping out Russian forces on Zaporizhzhia front

Zelenskyy meets with military leaders in Zaporizhzhia to discuss Orikhiv front

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Russia uses Iskander missiles to attack Zaporizhzhia

UN "appalled" by Russian attack on Reikartz hotel in Zaporizhzhia

Russians strike again at peaceful Zaporizhzhia: fire breaks out, 1 person killed and 16 injured

Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia: Death toll rises

Zelenskyy: Ukraine needs F-16s and more air defence systems

Russians strike residential area in Zaporizhzhia, two civilians killed

Ukraine's 47th brigade shoots down Russian Ka-52 helicopter in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Explosions occur in Zaporizhzhia

Russia strikes on Motor Sich plant and Khmelnytskyi Oblast – Zelenskyy

Russians hit the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia

ISW explains why Gerasimov showed up at command post in occupied Zaporizhzhia

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia, fatalities reported

Russians bombard Zaporizhzhia

Russians fire missiles on Zaporizhzhia outskirts three times at night

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Russian forces hit Zaporizhzhia overnight, leaving some people cut off from grid

Explosion reported in Zaporizhzhia

16 high-rise buildings, medical facility and educational institutions damaged in attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russians attack Orikhiv, kill a man

Attack on Zaporizhzhia: number of casualties rises to 20, including 8 children

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia: 18 injured, including 6 children

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia, hitting infrastructure facility