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Zhytomyr Oblast

Abbot of Moscow-backed church distributed pro-Kremlin leaflets to parishioners in Zhytomyr Oblast

Russians attack infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr Oblast

Planes collide during turnaround manoeuvre in Zhytomyr Oblast, State Bureau of Investigation looks into 3 lines of enquiry

Russia attacks infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr Oblast

Infrastructure facility damaged in Zhytomyr Oblast, strike recorded in Cherkasy Oblast after drone attack

Ukraine's Air Force warns citizens of Russian UAVs in Kyiv and other oblasts

Russia attacked Zhytomyr Oblast, causing casualties

An uneasy border: How the "Russian world" has encroached on Ukrainian border villages via Belarus

Zelenskyy holds meeting with security forces and military personnel in Zhytomyr Oblast

Power outages still possible in Zhytomyr Oblast

Air defence deployed in Zhytomyr Oblast

Catholic priest denies occupiers’ crimes in Bucha, now he waits for trial

Russians hit infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr Oblast

Air defence systems operating in Kyiv Oblast, missiles approaching Zhytomyr Oblast

Civilian targets in Korosten, Zhytomyr Oblast suffer from Russian attacks – General Staff

Ukrainian forces shoot down Russian air target in Rivne Oblast and unknown aerial device in Zhytomyr Oblast

Forest guard car blown up in Zhytomyr Oblast: One dead, one wounded

In Zhytomyr region, Russians hit military airfield with missiles

The Russians hit Zhytomyr Region with rockets: two explosions occur

Ukrainian air defence shoots down missiles over Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi regions

Russians launch 30 missiles at military units and facilities in Zhytomyr Oblast – mayor of Zhytomyr

Missile launched from Belarus strikes Zhytomyr Oblast - Zhytomyr Oblast Military Administration

Russian troops attack railway station in the Zhytomyr region: Korosten attacked last night

Railway worker killed, 4 people wounded in Russian missile strike on Malyn

Zhytomyr region: 4 Russian missiles were shot down, thanks to air defence

Zhytomyr region: One person died as a result of the attack on Malyn

Zhytomyr Region: a rocket attack on Malyn hits 100 houses, three people were injured

Two explosions heard in the Zhytomyr Region

Defence industry official leaks Ukrainian aircraft secrets to Russian Federation

Zhytomyr region: windows shatter in missile strike on Chudnov