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Local journalist caught first moments after Kramatorsk attack on camera

Zelenskyy on RIA Novosti article: One piece of evidence for a future tribunal

Aggressors detain a journalist in Zaporizhzhia and take her to Donetsk

Russians hold UNIAN news agency journalist hostage

Regulator bans Russian media from publishing Zelenskyy interviews

Prosecutor General: 12 journalists killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the war

Russians kidnap journalist's father in Melitopol and demand she return and report to them

Zelenskyy wrote a letter to the family of the American journalist killed in Ukraine

Occupiers have killed a journalist for The New York Times in Irpin

Local journalist goes missing in Kakhovka

Propaganda radio station Sputnik will broadcast instead of “Echo of Moscow” in Russian Federation

Propaganda radio station Sputnik will broadcast on a frequency used by "Echo of Moscow" in the Russian Federation.

Journalist from Lviv has died at war

Victor Dudar, a journalist from the Lviv region has died during fighting with the Russian occupying forces near Mykolaiv.

Mykolaiv region: Russian occupying forces shoot at Swiss journalists, wound and rob him

Complete censorship in Russia: Novaya Gazeta removes its materials on war in Ukraine

The Russian independent newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, one of the few that has openly called Russia's attack on Ukraine a war and an invasion, has decided to remove materials on the topic from its website at the request of the authorities.

Echo of Moscow radio station and website closed down

Editor in chief of Echo of Moscow, Alexei Venediktov, has announced that the radio station and the website will be closed down.

Desperate attempts to hide military failure: Putin's regime blocks Russian media outlets “Echo of Moscow” and “Dozhd”

On March 1, the websites of the well-known Russian media outlets “Echo of Moscow” and “Dozhd” were blocked.

Russian communications agency blocks websites writing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media has started a mass blocking of Russian websites that write about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Avakov Calling SBU to Go At Inter TV Channel

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov requested the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to address the position of Inter TV Channel

Journalist Alexander Shchetinin Found Dead in Suspected Suicide

The founder of information agency ‘Novy Region’ Alexander Shchetinin was found dead in Kyiv on the night of August 27. The press service of the Kyiv Office of the National Police reports that the people who discovered his body contacted the police at about midnight.

Key Accused in ‘Crimean Sabotage’ Rejects Russian Allegations

Volodymyr Serdiuk, who was named as ’the mastermind of the sabotage and reconnaissance operation’ allegedly conducted by Ukrainian Military Intelligence in Crimea, has said he has no relation to the intelligence services or special operations.

KrymSOS Website Blocked in Crimea

Users who try to access from different locations on the occupied peninsula see a message that access to the resource is restricted.

Correspondence Between Ukrainian TV channels and ‘DNR’ Leaked

Correspondence between an employee of the ‘security agency’ of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) with employees of Inter and Donbas TV channels has been leaked online.

Journalist Beaten and Robbed in Kyiv

Leyla Kondakova, a journalist at was attacked in the Podil district of Kyiv on Friday, July 29. The attack was reported by Kateryna Venzhyk, Editor of

Shokin Denies Having a Common-Law Wife Who Owns Elite Property

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin denies information published in the journalistic investigation on the estates of his de facto family, in particular, one of his estates that is registered in the name of his child.

Journalist Beaten in Kyiv

Two unknown men beat the chief of the business media outlet Business.Censor Serhii Holovniov on the night of July 25 in the Kyiv district of Podil, not stealing his belongings.

Lutsenko: Killer of Sheremet Was Not Alone

Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko stated on July 22 that the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet was organized by a group of persons.

Sheremet Murder: Media Publishes Video of Alleged Planting of Bomb

News website Obozrevatel published a video of the alleged planting of the bomb which killed journalist Pavel Sheremet. The footage was assembled from security cameras near Sheremet’s house.

Farewell Commemoration for Pavel Sheremet Held in Kyiv

The farewell ceremony for journalist Pavel Sherement, who was assassinated in Kyiv on July 20, is taking place in Ukrayinskyi Dim.

Forbes Journalist Stabbed in Kyiv

Maria Rydvan, a journalist of Forbes Ukraine, was attacked by an unknown man in a park in Kyiv.

Poroshenko: FBI to Join Investigation of Sheremet Murder

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation agreed to President Poroshenko’s proposal to join investigation of the murder of Ukrayinska Pravda journalist Pavel Sheremet.