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Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Ukrainian authorities to investigate threats and surveillance of journalists

Ukraine's Security Service seizes hard drives containing covert recordings of Bihus.Info team

Zelenskyy on Bіhus.Info surveillance: Any pressure on journalists is unacceptable

Radio Liberty journalist wounded while filming at front line

Ukraine's Security Service to investigate who bugged and monitored Bihus.Info staff

Ukrainian media association condemns attacks on journalists, call on Zelenskyy to react

Ukrainian Parliament Committee to send request to Security Service about surveillance of Bihus.Info journalists

Bihus.Info investigation project releases new statement on employees and drugs: Team was under surveillance for about one year

Bihus.Info investigative journalism project: video of employees’ drug use leaked online – video

Russia holds over 25 Ukrainian journalists in captivity

Majority of Ukrainians want parliamentary session broadcasts to return

Time journalist in new book on Zelenskyy: He lived on tinned food and chocolate and looked like a walking corpse

Time journalist in new book: President's Office suspected Zaluzhnyi of power lust during first year of full-scale invasion

Journalists of ZDF German TV channel under attack in Kharkiv

Zelenskyy announces changes in journalists' access to combat zone

Ukrainians hack Russian Defence Ministry's propaganda department and show how it works

Police open investigation into attack on Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mykhailo Tkach

Ukrainska Pravda journalist who exposes corruption is attacked while filming in Kyiv Oblast

Leading expert of Russia in Germany receives at least €600,000 from Russia

Russian OSCE observers not accredited by Moldova: Russia is outraged

National newscast trusted by 44% of Ukrainians, Zelenskyy leads public figures list

Russian oligarch boasted about becoming secret owner of Forbes Media Group

Russians launch fake radio broadcasting in Kharkiv Oblast again

Expelled from Europe, Russia's Sputnik news agency focuses its propaganda on Africa and Asia

Russian occupying authorities sentence Ukrainian journalist Tsyhipa to 13 years in prison

Partner of Russian businessman sues Ukrainian journalists

UP freelance author goes missing in occupied territory of Ukraine

US sends démarche calling on Ukraine to double down on its fight against corruption

Military do not confirm Office of President's statement about "capture of Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group"

Georgiy Gongadze and murdered Ukrainian journalists commemorated in Kyiv