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Moscow court leaves WSJ journalist Gershkovich in custody

US ambassador allowed to visit arrested reporter Gershkovich in Moscow for the first time

Le Pen says Russia's victory in war would be disaster, Ukraine's victory would mean Third World War

US State Department assures that leak of secret US documents will not affect support for Ukraine

Pentagon comments on "leaks" of classified documents: severe security risk

Three people can talk about the war officially – Deputy Defence Minister about the "data leak"

Connection between WSJ journalist Gershkovich and "Ukraine's agents" detained by FSB found

WSJ demands that US expel Russian ambassador and journalists, Kremlin responds

Russian court sends WSJ journalist to pre-trial detention centre for two months

Ukrainian Union of Journalists contact police over infringements of journalists' rights near Kyiv monastery

WSJ calls for release of detained journalist and denies Russia's allegations

Russian secret service seizes Wall Street Journal journalist who wrote about Wagner Group

Battalion commander of 46th Brigade demoted after Washington Post interview and resigns

Ukraine's Security Council refutes statements that counteroffensive may be in danger due to losses at front

Journalist Yesypenko, imprisoned in Crimea, is not allowed to communicate with his family

Russia sends US-supplied weapons captured in Ukraine to Iran

Advisor to Head of Ukrainian President's Office responds to NYT article on Ukrainian trace in blowing up Nord Stream pipelines

Russian security services collect intelligence in Ukraine disguised as foreign media

Russia classifies data on real estate owners: this will interfere journalists' investigations

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reacts to trip of NBC journalists to occupied Crimea

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry demands Financial Times investigate disinformation on arms smuggling from country

Russian General who persecuted opposition commits suicide in Moscow Oblast

Russia hides statistics on desertion among military

Russian army expands military training ground near Voronezh

Journalist describes procedure for checking visitors to Zelenskyy's office

Zelenskyy to journalists: Unite, remind people they are at war

Ukraine and Russia reject "peace in exchange for territories" proposal, unblocking "tank coalition"

French journalists come under missile attack during live broadcast from Kramatorsk

German BILD journalist injured in Ukraine

Russian pro-Kremlin media outlets forbidden to post anything on mobilisation