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Russian propaganda justifies the airstrike on the maternity hospital in Mariupol

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 22:21
Russian propaganda justifies the airstrike on the maternity hospital in Mariupol

A number of Russian state propaganda figures are trying to justify the bombing of a children's hospital and a maternity hospital in Mariupol by Russian planes due to contradictory fake images.

Source: Resources of Russian propaganda

Details: Russian state propagandist Vladimir Solovyov said on his Telegram channel that the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol by Russian aircraft is "staged".


At the same time, he claims that the maternity hospital did not have women in labour with doctors but soldiers of the Azov Battalion, who allegedly expelled pregnant women, doctors and women in labour with children on 5 March and set up firing positions in the building.

Solovyov says that the video of the destroyed buildings of the hospital and the maternity hospital is a fake, which was allegedly "video edited with the women" who played the role of mothers.

A number of Russian Telegram channels used in the information war against Ukraine also spread baseless allegations that "Ukrainian Nazis" expelled all doctors long before the airstrike and set up their firing point in a hospital and maternity hospital. It appears from the reports that the aircraft of the occupying forces of the Russian Federation allegedly had grounds to carry out such an air raid.

At the same time, Russian state TV channel Russia-1, where Solovyov works as a talk show host, said that the airstrike in Mariupol was actually carried out by the Right Sector, not Russian aircraft.


  •       At around 4:30 pm on 9 March, the Russian aggressors dropped several powerful bombs on a children's hospital and a maternity hospital in Mariupol. All buildings of the medical institution were completely destroyed. At least 17 people were injured, including pregnant women.
  •       Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko called it "genocide" by Russian forces and hopes that the war criminals involved in the airstrike on the maternity hospital will be punished severely in international courts.
  •       In Russia, all internet publications and websites that cover the true extent of the losses of the Russian occupation forces and report on the facts of Russian war crimes against the Ukrainian civilian population have been blocked. The Russian Criminal Code has been amended to imprison anyone who disseminates information that contradicts the official position of Russian military leadership.
  •       Roskomnadzor blocked Russians from access to the opposition publication Echo of Moscow and the Dozhd TV channel, which covered casualties among the Russian military as a result of hostilities in Ukraine and the shelling of civilians by Russian occupiers. Both media organisations have completely stopped their activities.
  •       They also restricted Facebook and threatened to block Russian Wikipedia over an article about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.