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Number of Ukrainian casualties rises in Israel

Thursday, 26 October 2023, 12:40
Number of Ukrainian casualties rises in Israel
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A total of 21 Ukrainians died in Israel due to a Hamas attack, and 3 more died in the Gaza Strip. The number of victims among Ukrainian citizens has increased. As of 24 October, 19 Ukrainians in Israel and 3 in the Gaza Strip had been reported as killed.

Source: Oleh Nikolenko, Spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: "Unfortunately, the number of victims among Ukrainians in Israel has increased.


We currently have confirmed information about 21 Ukrainians killed, as well as one missing person.

Three people were killed (two children and an adult) and six injured, including three children, in the Gaza Strip. Citizens have received injuries of varying degrees of severity; they are provided with medical assistance."

Details: Nikolenko says that 357 Ukrainians, including 208 women, asked to be evacuated from the Palestinian enclave.


The spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Ukrainian diplomatic institutions are in constant contact with them.

At the same time, the Rafah checkpoint on the border of the Gaza Strip and Egypt is currently not working. There is currently no way to leave.

Nikolenko added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, together with its partners, is working with the parties involved to obtain permission to evacuate people as soon as possible.


  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated on 7 October when Hamas attacked Israel with missiles.
  • On 9 October, Israel announced that Israeli forces had regained control over all settlements on the border with Gaza.
  • Israel is currently planning a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip that can last up to three months.

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