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Russians shot wounded Ukrainian POWs in Avdiivka after agreeing to exchange them – 110th Brigade

Monday, 19 February 2024, 19:50
Russians shot wounded Ukrainian POWs in Avdiivka after agreeing to exchange them – 110th Brigade
Photo: 110th Brigade

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers who were surrounded in the Zenit defence position were shot by the Russians despite a promise to evacuate them, the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade named after Marko Bezruchko, which had been defending Avdiivka, has reported.

Source: the 110th Brigade in a statement

Quote: "Regarding the Zenit position. The 110th Brigade personnel left Avdiivka under continuous bombardment by enemy aircraft and artillery shelling, constant attacks by FPV drones, attacks on evacuation vehicles, and shelling of evacuation routes. Several seriously injured and dead soldiers could not be evacuated.


The enemy devised a rapid, large-scale offensive, leaving no room for multiple attempts.

Due to the complete encirclement of the Zenit stronghold, it was decided to contact the coordination centre and organisations that conduct prisoner swap negotiations with the enemy in order to secure assistance for our unarmed, seriously wounded soldiers, in accordance with the international customs of war and the laws protecting prisoners of war.

The enemy informed the process coordinators that they agreed to evacuate and assist our wounded, and subsequently to exchange them. Our servicemen were instructed to save their lives.

We discovered what subsequently happened from the enemy’s media. Family members identified Heorhii Pavlov, Andrii Dubnytskyi and Ivan Zhytnyk as the deceased in a video from the captured Zenit position that was released by the enemy. According to our information, the enemy also shot and killed Oleksandr Zinchuk and Mykola Savosik. The sixth fighter's identity has yet to be confirmed; he was most likely a member of the attached unit."


  • On Friday 16 February, Ukraine’s forces withdrew from Zenit, a key defence position in the south of Avdiivka, to save lives and improve the operational situation.
  • On Sunday 18 February, relatives of some seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers who were taken prisoner after Russian forces captured the Zenit position in Avdiivka recognised their loved ones’ bodies in a video circulating on Russian social media.

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