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Ukraine's defence plan for 2024 is ready, it will bring results

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 14:51
Ukraine's defence plan for 2024 is ready, it will bring results
Photo: Dmytro Larin, Ukrainska Pravda

Defence Minister Rustem Umierov has announced that the authorities are working on an Action Plan to protect the country in 2024.

Source: Umierov at the Ukraine. Year 2024 forum 

Quote: "We are doing everything possible and impossible in order to achieve a breakthrough. A plan for 2024 already exists; however, we do not discuss it publicly.


It is powerful, strong, and provides not only hope, but also results in 2024."

Details: Previously, Umierov stated that "several thousand strong points" were equipped in Ukraine, but did not specify the number.

He stated that the authorities had gathered data not only on the Armed Forces' needs but also on the Defence Forces and the Interior Ministry system.

Background: Mariana Bezuhla, an MP and member of the Committee on National Security, Defence, and Intelligence, stated that Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the former commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, should resign because he failed to provide the parliament with a plan for next year.

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